Term Loan

Term Loans at a Glance

A large sum of capital is extended to you for a specific business expense and repayed at a fixed or variable interest rate over the length of time established in the loan.

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Many businesses qualify for a term loan-if you've been in business for over 2 years, have high credit, and are generating revenue, you're very likely to qualify.

Interest, repayment term, and maximum loan size depend on revenue and credit rating.
Because term loans have long repayment terms, your business's financials and credit score are more scrutinized.

Common Qualifications

  • Annual Revenue

  • Credit Score

  • Time in Business
    >4 years

Why choose a Term Loan?

  1. All businesses require additional capital from time to time. Funds can be used to upgrade machinery, order inventory, or increase your workforce. Business loans are a good way to meet these needs.
  2. But what's the best way to find affordable funding?
  3. With over 12 years of experience, we're well versed in matching funding solutions to their proper application.
  4. Learn the mechanics of a Term Loan and its qualifications:
  5. Doing so will help you establish if a Term Loan is right for you.
Term Loans are Traditional Loans

They are the most common form of loan structure.
Capital is loaned to you at a preestablished interes rate which can be fixed or varaible. You then repay the loan across the agreed term while having the benefit of a predictable payment schedule and amount.
Parameters for a Term Loan are well established before execution so you'll easily be able to make an informed decision.

Types of Term Loans

Not all Term Loans are created equal.
There are many different types of Term Loans, depending on your qualifications.
Terms and payment structures range from 12 months with daily payments to 5 years with monthly payments and everything in between.
Capital extended and interest rates differ based on your needs and business history.
The finer details of your term loan are dependent on financials, but the structure of a Term Loan is the same.

Applying for a Term Loan

Term loans are difficult to obtain for those with low credit. However, in lieu of credit, collateral can be used to secure the loan.
Collateral may be a possible requirement for a term loan depending on business financials but you risk losing the asset if the loan is put into default.
When making a decision, it's important to note whether the loan has prepayment penalties or other fees. Review the exact terms of your loan to precisely calculate your payment.

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Term Loan

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7 - 30%

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1 week
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