Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing at a Glance

Equipment financing can be used to finance up to 100% of the purchase price of new equipment for your business.

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Equipment Financing is one of the easiest types of funding to qualify for.

The amount and interest rate you're approved for depend on the value of the equipment, financial history and credit profile.
If your credit isn't the best, Equipment Financing is a great option for you. The equipment secures the loan so you are more likely to be approved.

Common Qualifications

  • Annual Revenue
    Over $130,000

  • Credit Score

  • Time in Business
    > 2 years

Why choose Equipment Financing?

If business is picking up, you might need to purchase new equipment to expand your operating capacity and increase revenue. But let's say your credit is less than stellar.
How can you finance this equipment and grow your business?

Using Equipment As Collateral

Utilizing Equipment Financing gives you the ability to purchase most types of equipment. Vehicles, Technology and everything else your business might need.
What you qualify for is based on the kind of equipment you're purchasing and its condition because it serves to collateralize the loan.

Length of Term

How long this financing is extended to you depends on the kind of equipment being financed and its predicted useful lifetime.
Logically, the term cannot be longer than when the equipment is predicted to be no longer be valuable.

Financing versus Leasing

There are benefits to leasing, but with an equipment loan, the asset will belong to you after the loan is repaid.
A lease only affords you use of the equipment while paying on the lease.
If you're planning to use the equipment for a long time, financing is the right move. However, if it is for temporary use, a lease is a great short-term option.

Let's Compare...

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As little as 2 days
7 - 30%

Equipment Financing

As little as 2 days
8 - 30%

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1 week
1.14 - 1.18

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As little as 2 weeks
7.9 - 19.9%

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As little as 7 days
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