Asset Backed Business Loans

Asset Based Business Loans at a Glance

An Asset Based Loan is a great way of liberating the equity within your assets.

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Asset based loans are great for those with collateral to secure a loan and those who have low credit.

If your business posseses illiquid assets, they are a good way to tap into their equity.

Common Qualifications

  • Annual Revenue
    Based on asset

  • Credit Score

  • Time in Business
    Over 2 years

Why Choose a Cash Advance and How Do They Work?

If you own property or other illiquid assets with equity, you can access that equity via an asset based loan.

Interest Rates

Because the loan is secured by an asset, the lender is more comfortable offering higher loan amounts at lower interest rates.
Interest on an asset based loan is usually much lower than it is on an MCA.

Repayment Terms

The repayment timeframe on an asset based loan varies depending on many variables.
Asset value and class are the most influential factors for these loans.

Is an Asset Based Loan Right for Your Business?

If your business needs capital and has illiquid assets, an asset based loan may be perfect for you.
Even if you don't have the best credit, an asset based loan provides large loan amounts at affordable rates.

Let's Compare...

Tax consultancy services for businesses and individuals.

Term Loan

As little as 2 days
7 - 30%

Equipment Financing

As little as 2 days
8 - 30%

Merchant Cash Advance

1 week
1.14 - 1.18

Startup Loan

As little as 2 weeks
7.9 - 19.9%

Hard Money Loans

As little as 3 weeks
9 - 12%

Asset Backed Business Loan

As little as 7 days
17 - 25%

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